Oh Boy: A Time Travel Podcast

A podcast dedicated to time travel stories in popular culture. Movies, television, comics and holodecks.

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For at least 150 years, popular media has shown a fascination with time travel; a chance to  relive the past, or surge forward to observe a distant future. Each episode, hosts Nate Bowden and Brian Martin do just that, exploring movies, TV series, novels, and comics that challenge us to look at who we've been and who might just become.



13 hours ago

Nate and Brian pop open a time capsule to relive frosted tips, low-rise jeans and the sweet melodies of Blink-182. Nickelodeon and Jonathan Frakes are definitely Clockstoppers. OhBoyQLPod@gmail.com

Sunday Jun 09, 2024

Nate and Brian visit the Golden Age of the 1920's with Owen Wilson and a host of writers and artists you remember of English Lit 101. ...Ya' box?   

Sunday May 26, 2024

Nate and Brian head back to 1881 and gain appreciation for the finest Dutch clocks in Edward Page Mitchell's "The Clock that Went Backwards." OhBoyQLPod@gmail.com

Sunday May 12, 2024

Nate and Brian take the train back to 1994 and revel in the Jean Claude Van Damme masterpiece, Time Cop.

Sunday Apr 28, 2024

From Leaper to Looper, Nate and Brian revisit 2012's noir, time-travel western from Writer/Director Rian Johnson. A film that at least half of you like.

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Nate and Brian react to NBC's cancellation of Quantum Leap, where it went wrong and what fans are saying. And what's next for Oh Boy (which is not cancelled!)?

Sunday Mar 31, 2024

Nate and Brian examine a Scott Bakula series pilot that beat Amazon and Donald Glover to the punch by 28 years! Mr. and Mrs. Smith. OhBoyQLPod@Gmail.com

Sunday Mar 17, 2024

Nate & Brian (and Bishop & Cable) head back to the X-treme 90's to see if anyone can put right what once went wrong. OhBoyQLPod@gmail.com

Friday Mar 15, 2024

Nate And Brian fill your plate with hiatus content as we all gear up for the back half of season two. They'll provide fresh servings in the coming weeks.
Reach Out! OhBoyQLPod@gmail.com

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

Nate and Brian hold the 2nd Annual "Ziggy Awards" featuring a look back on the successes and failures of season two. OhBoyQLPod@gmail.com
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